Environmental Sustainability


Silk Creations is committed to developing a culture of responsible business which involves making responsible investment decisions and supporting our local communities as well as sourcing local products that can complement our imported items. Silk Creations has included handmade items supporting our local talent and community in Centurion.

The latest beaded aloes which are beautifully hand crafted by Simon Takaruza are a must for your office or home environment. We have sourced the manufacturing of our own range of pots to create job opportunities thereby not only relying on mass production supply chains. If we lead by example we can encourage our employees and fellow business associates to become more involved in protecting and caring for our environment.

The smallest contribution of managing our waste disposal, implementing recycling of products as well as the use of recycled packaging can increase the moral obligation and awareness of the importance of each person’s contribution to this cause. We are committed to becoming more environmentally responsible and have included a huge range of plastic stem succulents and have replaced some natural stemmed items with fibreglass trunks.

Our products are low in maintenance and ensure the reduction of water usage. We look forward to improving any negative impact which Silk Creations may possibly have on the environment and are committed to protecting our natural world. Silk Creations and it’s team believes that the smallest effort will create the biggest difference !!