Silk Grasses & Succulents

1.3m Agave without pot Yellow

1.05m Draceana without pot

1.7m Draceana without pot

1.7m Pandanus without pot 2 heads

1m Agave without pot

11 inch Mini Aeonium with 3 Heads Red

15 inch Vanilla Grass with 86 lvs Avail in Burgundy Green Brown

16 Agave with 18 Lvs Green Grey

27 inch River Grass with 221 lvs Avail in Green Autumn

27 inch River Grass with 221 lvs Available in Green Autumn

30 inch Aloe Ferox with 24 lvs green 2

33.5 inch Mixed Bush with 357 lvs Green

36 inch Agave Planwith 26 lvs Green Burgundy

60cm Agave without pot

63 inch River Grass Bush with 275 lvs Avail in Autum Green

70cm Agave without pot

90cm Agave without pot

Flat Leaf Bush Burg

Flat Leaf Bush Lime Green

Fossil Succulent Green

GH076F-yellow green

Mother in Laws green

Mother in Laws Yellow

Succulent x 1 BurgGr Grey

Thick Beanspray Green Coffee Orange

Thick Leaf Mother-in-Laws Tongue YellowGr

Thick Zebra Beanspray Coffee

Thick Zebra Beanspray Green

Thick Zebra Beanspray Lime Green

Vanilla Grass 15 w86 lvs Brown

Yukka Bush 30 w40 lvs Brown Green Burgundy

Vanilla Grass 15 w178 lvs Green

76cm Baby Yucca with 4 Heads

78cm Yucca Rostrata Base Bush

82cm Yucca Rostrata Plant w90 lvs

1.35m Yucca

80cm Agave

53cm Aloe

120cm Dracaena